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Part of Speech: Noun
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3. A jackstay.
Part of Speech: noun
2. A frame with legs, used to support something; as, a clotheshorse, a sawhorse, etc.
3. A frame of timber, shaped like a horse, on which soldiers were made to ride for punishment.
4. Anything, actual or figurative, on which one rides as on a horse; a hobby.
5. See Footrope, a.
10. A hoofed quadruped of the genus Equus; especially, the domestic horse ( E. caballus), which was domesticated in Egypt and Asia at a very early period. It has six broad molars, on each side of each jaw, with six incisors, and two canine teeth, both above and below. The mares usually have the canine teeth rudimentary or wanting. The horse differs from the true asses, in having a long, flowing mane, and the tail bushy to the base. Unlike the asses it has callosities, or chestnuts, on all its legs. The horse excels in strength, speed, docility, courage, and nobleness of character, and is used for drawing, carrying, bearing a rider, and like purposes.
Part of Speech: verb
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To provide with a horse, or with horses; to mount on, or as on, a horse.
4. To place on the back of another, or on a wooden horse, etc., to be flogged; to subject to such punishment.
5. To cover, as a mare; - said of the male.
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