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Part of Speech: noun
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1. The manner in which one bears or conducts one's self; mien; behavior; carriage.
2. Patient endurance; suffering without complaint.
5. The act, power, or time of producing or giving birth; as, a tree in full bearing; a tree past bearing.
6. That part of any member of a building which rests upon its supports; as, a lintel or beam may have four inches of bearing upon the wall.
7. The portion of a support on which anything rests.
8. Improperly, the unsupported span; as, the beam has twenty feet of bearing between its supports.
9. The part of an axle or shaft in contact with its support, collar, or boxing; the journal.
10. The part of the support on which a journal rests and rotates.
11. The situation of a distant object, with regard to a ship's position, as on the bow, on the lee quarter, etc.; the direction or point of the compass in which an object is seen; as, the bearing of the cape was W. N. W.
12. The widest part of a vessel below the plank- sheer.
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