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Part of Speech: preposition
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2. At, or in contact with, the surface or upper part of a thing, and supported by it; placed or lying in contact with the surface; as, the book lies on the table, which stands on the floor of a house on an island.
3. Denoting performance or action by contact with the surface, upper part, or outside of anything; hence, by means of; with; as, to play on a violin or piano. Hence, figuratively, to work on one's feelings; to make an impression on the mind.
5. At or in the time of; during; as, on Sunday we abstain from labor. See At ( synonym).
6. At the time of, conveying some notion of cause or motive; as, on public occasions, the officers appear in full dress or uniform. Hence, in consequence of, or following; as, on the ratification of the treaty, the armies were disbanded.
8. In reference or relation to; as, on our part expect punctuality; a satire on society.
9. Occupied with; in the performance of; as, only three officers are on duty; on a journey.
10. In the service of; connected with; of the number of; as, he is on a newspaper; on a committee.
11. Forward, in succession; as, from father to son, from the son to the grandson, and so on.
12. In continuance; without interruption or ceasing; as, sleep on, take your ease; say on; sing on.
14. In progress; proceeding; as, a game is on.
20. To the account of; - denoting imprecation or invocation, or coming to, falling, or resting upon; as, on us be all the blame; a curse on him.
21. Forward, in progression; onward; - usually with a verb of motion; as, move on; go on.
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