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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Away.
Part of Speech: noun
1. That by, upon, or along, which one passes or processes; opportunity or room to pass; place of passing; passage; road, street, track, or path of any kind; as, they built a way to the mine.
2. Length of space; distance; interval; as, a great way; a long way.
3. A moving; passage; procession; journey.
6. Manner; method; mode; fashion; style; as, the way of expressing one's ideas.
8. Sphere or scope of observation.
10. Progress; as, a ship has way.
11. The timbers on which a ship is launched.
12. The longitudinal guides, or guiding surfaces, on the bed of a planer, lathe, or the like, along which a table or carriage moves.
13. Right of way. See below.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To move; to progress; to go.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To go or travel to; to go in, as a way or path.
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