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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Being at the back or in the rear; distant; remote; as, the back door; back settlements.
2. Being in arrear; overdue; as, back rent.
4. In, to, or toward, the rear; as, to stand back; to step back.
5. To the place from which one came; to the place or person from which something is taken or derived; as, to go back for something left behind; to go back to one's native place; to put a book back after reading it.
6. To a former state, condition, or station; as, to go back to private life; to go back to barbarism.
7. ( Of time) In times past; ago.
8. Away from contact; by reverse movement.
9. In concealment or reserve; in one's own possession; as, to keep back the truth; to keep back part of the money due to another.
12. In withdrawal from a statement, promise, or undertaking; as, he took back0 the offensive words.
13. In arrear; as, to be back in one's rent.
Part of Speech: noun
1. A large shallow vat; a cistern, tub, or trough, used by brewers, distillers, dyers, picklers, gluemakers, and others, for mixing or cooling wort, holding water, hot glue, etc.
2. A ferryboat. See Bac, 1.
8. The part of a cutting tool on the opposite side from its edge; as, the back of a knife, or of a saw.
12. A garment for the back; hence, clothing.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To get upon the back of; to mount.
2. To place or seat upon the back.
4. To make a back for; to furnish with a back; as, to back books.
5. To adjoin behind; to be at the back of.
6. To write upon the back of; as, to back a letter; to indorse; as, to back a note or legal document.
7. To support; to maintain; to second or strengthen by aid or influence; as, to back a friend.
8. To move or go backward; as, the horse refuses to back.
9. To bet on the success of; - as, to back a race horse.
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