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Part of Speech: noun
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5. The surrender of a besieged fortress or town ; as, the fall of Sebastopol.
6. Diminution or decrease in price or value; depreciation; as, the fall of prices; the fall of rents.
9. The discharge of a river or current of water into the ocean, or into a lake or pond; as, the fall of the Po into the Gulf of Venice.
10. Extent of descent; the distance which anything falls; as, the water of a stream has a fall of five feet.
11. The season when leaves fall from trees; autumn.
12. That which falls; a falling; as, a fall of rain; a heavy fall of snow.
13. The act of felling or cutting down.
16. That part ( as one of the ropes) of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting.
17. Descent of water; a cascade; a cataract; a rush of water down a precipice or steep; - usually in the plural, sometimes in the singular; as, the falls of Niagara.
Part of Speech: present participle
1. Falling.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To cease to be erect; to take suddenly a recumbent posture; to become prostrate; to drop; as, a child totters and falls; a tree falls; a worshiper falls on his knees.
4. To cease to be active or strong; to die away; to lose strength; to subside; to become less intense; as, the wind falls.
5. To decline in power, glory, wealth, or importance; to become insignificant; to lose rank or position; to decline in weight, value, price etc.; to become less; as, the falls; stocks fell two points.
9. To sink; to languish; to become feeble or faint; as, our spirits rise and fall with our fortunes.
10. To pass somewhat suddenly, and passively, into a new state of body or mind; to become; as, to fall asleep; to fall into a passion; to fall in love; to fall into temptation.
12. To come; to occur; to arrive.
17. To let fall; to drop.
18. To sink; to depress; as, to fall the voice.
20. To bring forth; as, to fall lambs.
21. To fell; to cut down; as, to fall a tree.
22. To find a final outlet; to discharge its waters; to empty; - with into; as, the river Rhone falls into the Mediterranean.
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