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Part of Speech: noun
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2. That which resembles, or to some extent performs the office of, a human hand
8. An agent; a servant, or laborer; a workman, trained or competent for special service or duty; a performer more or less skillful; as, a deck hand; a farm hand; an old hand at speaking.
10. Agency in transmission from one person to another; as, to buy at first hand, that is, from the producer, or when new; at second hand, that is, when no longer in the producer's hand, or when not new.
11. Rate; price.
12. That which is, or may be, held in a hand at once
16. A gambling game played by American Indians, consisting of guessing the whereabouts of bits of ivory or the like, which are passed rapidly from hand to hand.
17. A measure equal to a hand's breadth, - four inches; a palm. Chiefly used in measuring the height of horses.
18. Personal possession; ownership; hence, control; direction; management; - usually in the plural.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To cooperate.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To lead, guide, or assist with the hand; to conduct; as, to hand a lady into a carriage.
3. To manage; as, I hand my oar.
4. To seize; to lay hands on.
5. To pledge by the hand; to handfast.
6. To furl; - said of a sail.
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