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Part of Speech: noun
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1. A shoal; a multitude; as, a school of fish.
3. A place of primary instruction; an establishment for the instruction of children; as, a primary school; a common school; a grammar school.
6. The room or hall in English universities where the examinations for degrees and honors are held.
7. An assemblage of scholars; those who attend upon instruction in a school of any kind; a body of pupils.
8. The disciples or followers of a teacher; those who hold a common doctrine, or accept the same teachings; a sect or denomination in philosophy, theology, science, medicine, politics, etc.
10. Figuratively, any means of knowledge or discipline; as, the school of experience.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To tutor; to chide and admonish; to reprove; to subject to systematic discipline; to train.
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