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Part of Speech: adverb, conjunction
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3. Only; solely; merely.
5. Otherwise than that; that not; - commonly, after a negative, with that.
Part of Speech: noun
1. A limit; a boundary.
2. The end; esp. the larger or thicker end, or the blunt, in distinction from the sharp, end. See 1st Butt.
3. A thrust in fencing.
4. On the contrary; on the other hand; only; yet; still; however; nevertheless; more; further; -- as connective of sentences or clauses of a sentence, in a sense more or less exceptive or adversative; as, the House of Representatives passed the bill, but the Senate dissented; our wants are many, but quite of another kind.
Part of Speech: preposition, adverb,conjunction
Part of Speech: verb
1. See Butt, v., and Abut, v.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. The thicker end of anything. See But.
3. A mark to be shot at; a target.
4. A person at whom ridicule, jest, or contempt is directed; as, the butt of the company.
5. A push, thrust, or sudden blow, given by the head of an animal; as, the butt of a ram.
6. A piece of land left unplowed at the end of a field.
7. The end of a connecting rod or other like piece, to which the boxing is attached by the strap, cotter, and gib.
8. The portion of a half- coupling fastened to the end of a hose.
9. The joint where two planks in a strake meet.
10. The thickest and stoutest part of tanned oxhides, used for soles of boots, harness, trunks.
11. The hut or shelter of the person who attends to the targets in rifle practice.
12. A joint where the ends of two objects come squarely together without scarfing or chamfering; - also called butt joint.
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