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Part of Speech: noun
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1. One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor.
2. One who goes first.
3. One having authority to direct; a chief; a commander.
4. A performer who leads a band or choir in music; also, in an orchestra, the principal violinist; the one who plays at the head of the first violins.
5. A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for leading ropes in their proper places.
6. The principal wheel in any kind of machinery.
7. A horse placed in advance of others; one of the forward pair of horses.
8. A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground; a conductor.
9. A net for leading fish into a pound, weir, etc. ; also, a line of gut, to which the snell of a fly hook is attached.
12. A type having a dot or short row of dots upon its face.
13. a row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number.
Examples of usage:
  • Chief Edem called for the leader of his soldiers. - "White Queen of the Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor", A. J. Bueltmann.
  • I will be your leader. - "The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17", Charles Francis Horne.
  • The men looked at their leader for orders. - "The Great Drought", Sterner St. Paul Meek.
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