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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Having good qualities in a greater degree than another; as, a better man; a better physician; a better house; a better air.
3. Greater in amount; larger; more.
5. More advanced; more perfect; as, upon better acquaintance; a better knowledge of the subject.
7. To improve the condition of, morally, physically, financially, socially, or otherwise.
8. To surpass in excellence; to exceed; to excel.
Part of Speech: comparative
1. In a superior or more excellent manner; with more skill and wisdom, courage, virtue, advantage, or success; as, Henry writes better than John; veterans fight better than recruits.
2. More correctly or thoroughly.
3. In a higher or greater degree; more; as, to love one better than another.
4. More, in reference to value, distance, time, etc.; as, ten miles and better.
5. of Well
Part of Speech: noun
1. One who bets or lays a wager.
2. Advantage, superiority, or victory; - usually with of; as, to get the better of an enemy.
3. One who has a claim to precedence; a superior, as in merit, social standing, etc.; - usually in the plural.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To become better; to improve.
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