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Part of Speech: noun
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2. Degree of lightness as conditioned by the presence of white or pale color, or their opposites.
3. Any particular quantitative determination; as, a function's value for some special value of its argument.
4. The valuable ingredients to be obtained by treatment from any mass or compound; specif., the precious metals contained in rock, gravel, or the like; as, the vein carries good values; the values on the hanging walls.
5. The property or aggregate properties of a thing by which it is rendered useful or desirable, or the degree of such property or sum of properties; worth; excellence; utility; importance.
7. Precise signification; import; as, the value of a word; the value of a legal instrument
8. Esteem; regard.
9. Valor.
10. The relative length or duration of a tone or note, answering to quantity in prosody; thus, a quarter note [] has the value of two eighth notes [].
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To estimate the value, or worth, of; to rate at a certain price; to appraise; to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc.
4. To be worth; to be equal to in value.
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