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Part of Speech: noun
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2. The condition of normal balance of a healthy plant in its relations to light, heat, and moisture.
6. A sound considered as to pitch; as, the seven tones of the octave; she has good high tones.
7. The larger kind of interval between contiguous sounds in the diatonic scale, the smaller being called a semitone as, a whole tone too flat; raise it a tone.
9. A mode or tune or plain chant; as, the Gregorian tones.
10. That state of a body, or of any of its organs or parts, in which the animal functions are healthy and performed with due vigor.
11. Tonicity; as, arterial tone.
13. Tenor; character; spirit; drift; as, the tone of his remarks was commendatory.
14. General or prevailing character or style, as of morals, manners, or sentiment, in reference to a scale of high and low; as, a low tone of morals; a tone of elevated sentiment; a courtly tone of manners.
15. The general effect of a picture produced by the combination of light and shade, together with color in the case of a painting; - commonly used in a favorable sense; as, this picture has tone.
16. Color quality proper; - called also hue. Also, a gradation of color, either a hue, or a tint or shade.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To utter with an affected tone.
2. To give tone, or a particular tone, to; to tune. See Tune, v. t.
3. To bring, as a print, to a certain required shade of color, as by chemical treatment.
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