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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Going or extending through; going, extending, or serving from the beginning to the end; thorough; complete; as, a through line; a through ticket; a through train. Also, admitting of passage through; as, a through bridge.
2. From one end or side to the other; as, to pierce a thing through.
3. From beginning to end; as, to read a letter through.
4. To the end; to a conclusion; to the ultimate purpose; as, to carry a project through.
Part of Speech: preposition
2. Between the sides or walls of; within; as, to pass through a door; to go through an avenue.
3. By means of; by the agency of.
4. Over the whole surface or extent of; as, to ride through the country; to look through an account.
5. From the beginning to the end of; to the end or conclusion of; as, through life; through the year.
6. Among or in the midst of; - used to denote passage; as, a fish swims through the water; the light glimmers through a thicket.
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