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Part of Speech: Noun
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Part of Speech: noun
2. That which furnishes, or is a source of, light, as the sun, a star, a candle, a lighthouse, etc.
4. The brightness of the eye or eyes.
7. Open view; a visible state or condition; public observation; publicity.
8. The power of perception by vision.
10. Prosperity; happiness; joy; felicity.
11. Appearance due to the particular facts and circumstances presented to view; point of view; as, to state things fairly and put them in the right light.
13. A firework made by filling a case with a substance which burns brilliantly with a white or colored flame; as, a Bengal light.
14. To attend or conduct with a light; to show the way to by means of a light.
15. The manner in which the light strikes upon a picture; that part of a picture which represents those objects upon which the light is supposed to fall; the more illuminated part of a landscape or other scene; - opposed to shade. Cf. Chiaroscuro.
17. To give light to; to illuminate; to fill with light; to spread over with light; - often with up.
Part of Speech: superlative
1. Having light; not dark or obscure; bright; clear; as, the apartment is light.
2. White or whitish; not intense or very marked; not of a deep shade; moderately colored; as, a light color; a light brown; a light complexion.
7. Not heavily armed; armed with light weapons; as, light troops; a troop of light horse.
8. Not encumbered; unembarrassed; clear of impediments; hence, active; nimble; swift.
10. Slight; not important; as, a light error.
11. Well leavened; not heavy; as, light bread.
12. Not copious or heavy; not dense; not inconsiderable; as, a light rain; a light snow; light vapors.
13. Not strong or violent; moderate; as, a light wind.
14. Not pressing heavily or hard upon; hence, having an easy, graceful manner; delicate; as, a light touch; a light style of execution.
15. Easy to admit influence; inconsiderate; easily influenced by trifling considerations; unsteady; unsettled; volatile; as, a light, vain person; a light mind.
19. Wanton; unchaste; as, a woman of light character.
20. Not of the legal, standard, or usual weight; clipped; diminished; as, light coin.
21. Loose; sandy; easily pulverized; as, a light soil.
Part of Speech: verb
2. To feel light; to be made happy.
6. To come down suddenly and forcibly; to fall; - with on or upon.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
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