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Part of Speech: noun
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Part of Speech: verb
1. To move nimbly; to start or turn suddenly and do something; to whisk; as, he whipped around the corner.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To strike with a lash, a cord, a rod, or anything slender and lithe; to lash; to beat; as, to whip a horse, or a carpet.
2. To drive with lashes or strokes of a whip; to cause to rotate by lashing with a cord; as, to whip a top.
3. To punish with a whip, scourge, or rod; to flog; to beat; as, to whip a vagrant; to whip one with thirty nine lashes; to whip a perverse boy.
5. To thrash; to beat out, as grain, by striking; as, to whip wheat.
6. To beat ( eggs, cream, or the like) into a froth, as with a whisk, fork, or the like.
7. To conquer; to defeat, as in a contest or game; to beat; to surpass.
8. To sew lightly; specifically, to form ( a fabric) into gathers by loosely overcasting the rolled edge and drawing up the thread; as, to whip a ruffle.
9. To hoist or purchase by means of a whip.
10. To secure the end of ( a rope, or the like) from untwisting by overcasting it with small stuff.
12. An instrument or driving horses or other animals, or for correction, consisting usually of a lash attached to a handle, or of a handle and lash so combined as to form a flexible rod.
13. A coachman; a driver of a carriage; as, a good whip.
14. One of the arms or frames of a windmill, on which the sails are spread.
17. The long pennant. See Pennant ( a)
18. A huntsman who whips in the hounds; whipper- in.
20. A call made upon members of a Parliament party to be in their places at a given time, as when a vote is to be taken.
22. To take or move by a sudden motion; to jerk; to snatch; - with into, out, up, off, and the like.
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