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Part of Speech: noun
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1. Any hollow place suggestive of a pocket in form or use;
2. A bin for storing coal, grain, etc.
3. A socket for receiving the foot of a post, stake, etc.
4. A bight on a lee shore.
5. A bag or pouch; especially; a small bag inserted in a garment for carrying small articles, particularly money; hence, figuratively, money; wealth.
6. One of several bags attached to a billiard table, into which the balls are driven.
7. A large bag or sack used in packing various articles, as ginger, hops, cowries, etc.
8. A hole or space covered by a movable piece of board, as in a floor, boxing, partitions, or the like.
9. A cavity in a rock containing a nugget of gold, or other mineral; a small body of ore contained in such a cavity.
10. A hole containing water.
12. Same as Pouch.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To put, or conceal, in the pocket; as, to pocket the change.
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