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Part of Speech: verb transitive
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1. To load ( fabrics) as with barite, to increase the weight, etc.
5. Importance; power; influence; efficacy; consequence; moment; impressiveness; as, a consideration of vast weight.
6. A scale, or graduated standard, of heaviness; a mode of estimating weight; as, avoirdupois weight; troy weight; apothecaries' weight.
7. A ponderous mass; something heavy; as, a clock weight; a paper weight.
9. The resistance against which a machine acts, as opposed to the power which moves it.
10. To load with a weight or weights; to load down; to make heavy; to attach weights to; as, to weight a horse or a jockey at a race; to weight a whip handle.
11. To assign a weight to; to express by a number the probable accuracy of, as an observation. See of observations, under Weight.
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