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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Suceeding next in order to the first; of second place, origin, rank, rank, etc.; not primary; subordinate; not of the first order or rate.
2. Acting by deputation or delegated authority; as, the work of secondary hands.
3. Possessing some quality, or having been subject to some operation ( as substitution), in the second degree; as, a secondary salt, a secondary amine, etc. Cf. primary.
5. Dependent or consequent upon another disease; as, Bright's disease is often secondary to scarlet fever. ( b) Occuring in the second stage of a disease; as, the secondary symptoms of syphilis.
6. Subsequent in origin; - said of minerals produced by alteertion or deposition subsequent to the formation of the original rocks mass; also of characters of minerals ( as secondary cleavage, etc.) developed by pressure or other causes.
Part of Speech: noun
2. A secondary circle.
3. A satellite.
4. A secondary quill.
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