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Part of Speech: noun
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3. Anything that fastens; specifically, a fastening, as for a door, a lid, a trunk, a drawer, and the like, in which a bolt is moved by a key so as to hold or to release the thing fastened.
5. A place from which egress is prevented, as by a lock.
6. The barrier or works which confine the water of a stream or canal.
8. A device for keeping a wheel from turning.
10. To fasten in or out, or to make secure by means of, or as with, locks; to confine, or to shut in or out -- often with up; as, to lock one's self in a room; to lock up the prisoners; to lock up one's silver; to lock intruders out of the house; to lock money into a vault; to lock a child in one's arms; to lock a secret in one's breast.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To become fast, as by means of a lock or by interlacing; as, the door locks close.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To fasten with a lock, or as with a lock; to make fast; to prevent free movement of; as, to lock a door, a carriage wheel, a river, etc.
3. To furnish with locks; also, to raise or lower ( a boat) in a lock.
5. To prevent ingress or access to, or exit from, by fastening the lock or locks of; - often with up; as, to lock or lock up, a house, jail, room, trunk. etc.
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