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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. To be situated; to occupy a certain place; as, Ireland lies west of England; the meadows lie along the river; the ship lay in port.
2. To lodge; to sleep.
3. To be still or quiet, like one lying down to rest.
4. To be sustainable; to be capable of being maintained.
Part of Speech: noun
1. See Lye.
3. A fiction; a fable; an untruth.
4. Anything which misleads or disappoints.
5. The position or way in which anything lies; the lay, as of land or country.
6. To rest extended on the ground, a bed, or any support; to be, or to put one's self, in an horizontal position, or nearly so; to be prostate; to be stretched out; -- often with down, when predicated of living creatures; as, the book lies on the table; the snow lies on the roof; he lies in his coffin.
7. To abide; to remain for a longer or shorter time; to be in a certain state or condition; as, to lie waste; to lie fallow; to lie open; to lie hid; to lie grieving; to lie under one's displeasure; to lie at the mercy of the waves; the paper does not lie smooth on the wall.
Part of Speech: verb
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