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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. Pertaining to an average or mean; medial; containing a mean proportion; of a mean size, quality, ability, etc.; ordinary; usual; as, an average rate of profit; an average amount of rain; the average Englishman; beings of the average stamp.
2. According to the laws of averages; as, the loss must be made good by average contribution.
Part of Speech: noun
2. A tariff or duty on goods, etc.
6. A mean proportion, medial sum or quantity, made out of unequal sums or quantities; an arithmetical mean. Thus, if A loses 5 dollars, B 9, and C 16, the sum is 30, and the average 10.
8. In the English corn trade, the medial price of the several kinds of grain in the principal corn markets.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To form, or exist in, a mean or medial sum or quantity; to amount to, or to be, on an average; as, the losses of the owners will average twenty five dollars each; these spars average ten feet in length.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To divide among a number, according to a given proportion; as, to average a loss.
3. To do, accomplish, get, etc., on an average.
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