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Part of Speech: noun
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2. Symbolically: Something unsubstantial, light, or volatile.
3. A particular state of the atmosphere, as respects heat, cold, moisture, etc., or as affecting the sensations; as, a smoky air, a damp air, the morning air, etc.
5. Odoriferous or contaminated air.
6. That which surrounds and influences.
7. Utterance abroad; publicity; vent.
13. Carriage; attitude; action; movement; as, the head of that portrait has a good air.
16. To expose for the sake of public notice; to display ostentatiously; as, to air one's opinion.
19. In harmonized chorals, psalmody, part songs, etc., the part which bears the tune or melody - in modern harmony usually the upper part - is sometimes called the air.
20. A musical idea, or motive, rhythmically developed in consecutive single tones, so as to form a symmetrical and balanced whole, which may be sung by a single voice to the stanzas of a hymn or song, or even to plain prose, or played upon an instrument; a melody; a tune; an aria.
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