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Part of Speech: Noun
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1. The threads which are extended lengthwise in the loom, and crossed by the woof.
3. A slimy substance deposited on land by tides, etc., by which a rich alluvial soil is formed.
4. Four; esp., four herrings; a cast. See Cast, n., 17.
5. The state of being warped or twisted; as, the warp of a board.
6. A premature casting of young; - said of cattle, sheep, etc.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To turn, twist, or be twisted out of shape; esp., to be twisted or bent out of a flat plane; as, a board warps in seasoning or shrinking.
3. To fly with a bending or waving motion; to turn and wave, like a flock of birds or insects.
4. To wind yarn off bobbins for forming the warp of a web; to wind a warp on a warp beam.
5. To cast the young prematurely; to slink; - said of cattle, sheep, etc.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To throw; hence, to send forth, or throw out, as words; to utter.
3. To turn or twist out of shape; esp., to twist or bend out of a flat plane by contraction or otherwise.
7. To let the tide or other water in upon ( lowlying land), for the purpose of fertilization, by a deposit of warp, or slimy substance.
9. To arrange ( yarns) on a warp beam.
10. To cast prematurely, as young; - said of cattle, sheep, etc.
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