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Part of Speech: noun
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1. A spot.
3. Rent; tribute.
5. Hence generally, armor, or any defensive covering.
6. A contrivance of interlinked rings, for rubbing off the loose hemp on lines and white cordage.
7. Any hard protective covering of an animal, as the scales and plates of reptiles, shell of a lobster, etc.
8. A bag; a wallet.
9. The bag or bags with the letters, papers, papers, or other matter contained therein, conveyed under public authority from one post office to another; the whole system of appliances used by government in the conveyance and delivery of mail matter.
10. That which comes in the mail; letters, etc., received through the post office.
11. A trunk, box, or bag, in which clothing, etc., may be carried.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To arm with mail.
2. To pinion.
3. To deliver into the custody of the postoffice officials, or place in a government letter box, for transmission by mail; to post; as, to mail a letter.
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