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Part of Speech: noun
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2. A sheet iron radiator, often in the shape of a drum, for warming an apartment by means of heat received from a stovepipe, or a cylindrical receiver for steam, etc.
3. A small cylindrical box in which figs, etc., are packed.
4. One of the cylindrical, or nearly cylindrical, blocks, of which the shaft of a column is composed; also, a vertical wall, whether circular or polygonal in plan, carrying a cupola or dome.
8. A tea party; a kettledrum.
9. The tympanum of the ear; - often, but incorrectly, applied to the tympanic membrane.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To beat a drum with sticks; to beat or play a tune on a drum.
2. To beat with the fingers, as with drumsticks; to beat with a rapid succession of strokes; to make a noise like that of a beaten drum; as, the ruffed grouse drums with his wings.
4. To go about, as a drummer does, to gather recruits, to draw or secure partisans, customers, etc,; - with for.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To execute on a drum, as a tune.
2. ( With out) To expel ignominiously, with beat of drum; as, to drum out a deserter or rogue from a camp, etc.
3. ( With up) To assemble by, or as by, beat of drum; to collect; to gather or draw by solicitation; as, to drum up recruits; to drum up customers.
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