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Part of Speech: noun
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3. A drawn game or battle, etc.
7. The spin or twist imparted to a ball, or the like, by a drawing stroke.
8. That which is drawn or is subject to drawing.
9. To move; to come or go; literally, to draw one's self; -- with prepositions and adverbs; as, to draw away, to move off, esp. in racing, to get in front; to obtain the lead or increase it; to draw back, to retreat; to draw level, to move up even ( with another); to come up to or overtake another; to draw off, to retire or retreat; to draw on, to advance; to draw up, to form in array; to draw near, nigh, or towards, to approach; to draw together, to come together, to collect.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To perform the act, or practice the art, of delineation; to sketch; to form figures or pictures.
2. To become contracted; to shrink.
5. To pull; to exert strength in drawing anything; to have force to move anything by pulling; as, a horse draws well; the sails of a ship draw well.
6. To draw a liquid from some receptacle, as water from a well.
9. To unsheathe a weapon, especially a sword.
10. To have efficiency as an epispastic; to act as a sinapism; - said of a blister, poultice, etc.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To withdraw.
6. To leave ( a contest) undecided; as, the battle or game was drawn.
10. To pull from a sheath, as a sword.
12. To obtain from some cause or origin; to infer from evidence or reasons; to deduce from premises; to derive.
13. To take or procure from a place of deposit; to call for and receive from a fund, or the like; as, to draw money from a bank.
16. To remove the contents of
17. To drain by emptying; to suck dry.
18. To extract the bowels of; to eviscerate; as, to draw a fowl; to hang, draw, and quarter a criminal.
20. To extend in length; to lengthen; to protract; to stretch; to extend, as a mass of metal into wire.
24. To require ( so great a depth, as of water) for floating; - said of a vessel; to sink so deep in ( water); as, a ship draws ten feet of water.
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