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Part of Speech: noun
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1. An inclination of the head, or a bending of the body, in token of reverence, respect, civility, or submission; an obeisance; as, a bow of deep humility.
2. The bending or rounded part of a ship forward; the stream or prow.
3. One who rows in the forward part of a boat; the bow oar.
Part of Speech: singular, plural
Part of Speech: verb
1. To bend; to curve.
2. To incline the head in token of salutation, civility, or assent; to make bow.
3. To play ( music) with a bow.
4. To manage the bow.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To cause to deviate from straightness; to bend; to inflect; to make crooked or curved.
2. To exercise powerful or controlling influence over; to bend, figuratively; to turn; to incline.
4. To express by bowing; as, to bow one's thanks.
5. To stop.
7. A weapon made of a strip of wood, or other elastic material, with a cord connecting the two ends, by means of which an arrow is propelled.
8. An ornamental knot, with projecting loops, formed by doubling a ribbon or string.
9. The U- shaped piece which embraces the neck of an ox and fastens it to the yoke.
10. An appliance consisting of an elastic rod, with a number of horse hairs stretched from end to end of it, used in playing on a stringed instrument.
11. An arcograph.
12. Any instrument consisting of an elastic rod, with ends connected by a string, employed for giving reciprocating motion to a drill, or for preparing and arranging the hair, fur, etc., used by hatters.
14. To cause to bend down; to prostrate; to depress,; to crush; to subdue.
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