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Part of Speech: noun
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1. A beak, as of a bird, or sometimes of a turtle or other animal.
3. A weapon of infantry, in the 14th and 15th centuries. A common form of bill consisted of a broad, heavy, double- edged, hook- shaped blade, having a short pike at the back and another at the top, and attached to the end of a long staff.
4. One who wields a bill; a billman.
5. A pickax, or mattock.
7. A declaration made in writing, stating some wrong the complainant has suffered from the defendant, or a fault committed by some person against a law.
9. A form or draft of a law, presented to a legislature for enactment; a proposed or projected law.
10. A paper, written or printed, and posted up or given away, to advertise something, as a lecture, a play, or the sale of goods; a placard; a poster; a handbill.
11. An account of goods sold, services rendered, or work done, with the price or charge; a statement of a creditor's claim, in gross or by items; as, a grocer's bill.
12. Any paper, containing a statement of particulars; as, a bill of charges or expenditures; a weekly bill of mortality; a bill of fare, etc.
13. A cutting instrument, with hook- shaped point, and fitted with a handle; - used in pruning, etc.; a billhook. When short, called a hand bill, when long, a hedge bill.
14. An act or a conferring upon a chief executive, as a governor or mayor, large powers of appointment and removal of heads of departments or other subordinate officials.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To join bills, as doves; to caress in fondness.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To work upon ( as to dig, hoe, hack, or chop anything) with a bill.
2. To advertise by a bill or public notice.
3. To charge or enter in a bill; as, to bill goods.
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