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Part of Speech: noun
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1. ( Used as the symbol of matrimony) Marriage.
3. A mass or heap of anything arranged like a bed; as, a bed of ashes or coals.
5. A layer or seam, or a horizontal stratum between layers; as, a bed of coal, iron, etc.
11. The foundation or the more solid and fixed part or framing of a machine; or a part on which something is laid or supported; as, the bed of an engine.
12. The superficial earthwork, or ballast, of a railroad.
13. The flat part of the press, on which the form is laid.
Part of Speech: verb
1. To go to bed; to cohabit.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
1. To place in a bed.
2. To make partaker of one's bed; to cohabit with.
3. To furnish with a bed or bedding.
4. To plant or arrange in beds; to set, or cover, as in a bed of soft earth; as, to bed the roots of a plant in mold.
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