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Part of Speech: noun
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1. A joint or juncture between bones in the skeleton.
2. The connection of the parts of a plant by joints, as in pods.
3. One of the nodes or joints, as in cane and maize.
4. One of the parts intercepted between the joints; also, a subdivision into parts at regular or irregular intervals as a result of serial intermission in growth, as in the cane, grasses, etc.
5. The act of putting together with a joint or joints; any meeting of parts in a joint.
6. The state of being jointed; connection of parts.
7. The utterance of the elementary sounds of a language by the appropriate movements of the organs, as in pronunciation; as, a distinct articulation.
8. A sound made by the vocal organs; an articulate utterance or an elementary sound, esp. a consonant.
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